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stainless steel plate

Types:Austenitic, Ferrite, Austenitic-ferrite, Martenstic and P.H.
Process:hot rolling and cold rolling
Applications:It is broadly applied to chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, petroleum and atomic energy industry etc.

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Stainless steel plate has hot rolling and cold rolling depending on the production method including thin cold plate of thickness 0.02-4mm and medium thick plate of 4.5-100mm. According to steel grade structure, stainless steel sheet has five types: Austenitic, Ferrite, Austenitic-ferrite, Martenstic and P.H. It is broadly applied to chemical, food, medicine, papermaking, petroleum and atomic energy industry etc. as well as construction, kitchenware, tableware, automobile, household and all kinds of spare parts etc.

Stainless Steel Plate

stainless steel plate

In order to guarantee yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness etc. mechanical properties of all kinds of stainless steel plate to meet requirements. Before delivery, the steel plate must be heat treatment by annealing, solution treatment and aging treatment etc. 05.10 is special symbols. Stainless steel plate has smooth surface, higher plasticity, toughness, mechanical strength and anti-corrosion of acid, alkali gas, solution and other media. It is a kind of alloy steel not easy to rust, but absolutely not rust.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly depends on alloy composition (Cr, Ni, Ti, Si, Al, Mn etc.) and internal organizational structure. But the Cr element plays a leading role. Cr has very high chemical stability and can be formed passivation membrane in the steel surface to make steel isolate from outside, protect steel not be oxidation and increase corrosion resistance of steel plate. If passivation membrane is damaged, the corrosion resistances will decrease.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Plate

1.0*1*2/4*8/C 4.0-6.0*1500*C 20.0-25.0*1500*6 35.0*1250*7400
1.2*1*2/4*8/C 8.0*1800*7000↑ 20.0-25.0*1800*C 35.0*1800*5320
1.5*1*2/4*8/C 10.0*880*7000↑ 25.0*2000*6100  50.0↑*1250*7410
2.0*1*2/4*8/C  10.0-16.0*1500*6 30.0*2000*8000 45.0*1250*8100
2.5-3.0*1*2/4*8/C 10.0-16.0*1800*C 32.0*2000*8000 40.0*1250*7100